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"Businesses and Events NEED this product."

Tom Wright, Founder Wright Group Event Services

"Our MiFlyer is allowing us to actually engage with our customers, and get them excited. It’s pretty amazing. "

Nathan Mudd, CEO localradius.net

"The ProductGoGo Miflyer allowed us to connect with a modern mobile interface, but also as a powerful marketing and sales tool for our design services. We have a quick interactive way of demonstrating an array of portfolio examples, videos, links, and moreā€¦along with our MiFlyer. "

Blake St. Clair, CEO, Product Gogo

"It’s like an app, but ridiculously better. "

Jeremy Heidl, Founder, OpenVAPE

Why You Need a MiFlyer

MiFlyer truly revolutionizes mobile marketing, and here’s why. Text message marketing is a great tool, but it is also the remnant of a past when smartphone technology did not yet exist. Viewing a text message can be effective, but being able to interact with your brand and your media makes marketing more engaging, memorable, and effective. Apps came along as a quick fix for mobile marketing, and while they are certainly interactive, they have little use value outside of quirky functionality. They remain ineffective for marketing, primarily because they are device-specific and they do not collect any data. A company may have a million app downloads and still not have any consumer data. That doesn’t get you very far.

Miflyer brings mobile marketing not just into the present, but forward into the future. We take all the useful features of text message marketing and combine them with the cool functionality of apps. Each MiFlyer is not only useful for marketing and data collection, but also uniquely creative, fun to interact with, and engaging to your consumers.

It’s not a mobile website. It’s not an app. It’s a Mobile Interactive Flyer.

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